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Paddleboarding: Total Body Conditioning and Fun!!!

From one ultimate fit mom to all others out there pondering what to do for a fun activity this weekend, I have the perfect solution: Paddleboarding!
If you've never tried this amazingly simple, yet physically challenging, water sport, now is the time! Not only is this a great sport for beginners, but young kids of all ages have an absolute blast hitching a ride on the front while mom or dad paddles making it a family-oriented physical activity! It's a great experience that allows you to get on the water, control where you go, and have the rare opportunity to catch a glimpse of the abundant sea life in the clear waters below. The environment, surroundings, and overall sensory experience are more than reason enough to give it a try.
In terms of the physical benefit, get ready! Paddleboarding requires you to stand erect on a board measuring, on average, 10-11 feet long. While this may sound difficult, you'll be surprised how quickly you can find a feel for your ideal stance that offers up the best balance for the perfect feeling of security. In order to move yourself forward, backward, and around, you use your paddle (looks just like that of a canoe or kayak) to push the water. Not difficult at all, the repetitive motions of paddling coupled with the constant maintenance of your balanced stance makes for a pretty intense workout for all of your muscles. Your core (your abs and back muscles) have to remain tight to maintain structure; your butt, legs, and back are all working overtime to maintain your balance through the constant motion while supporting your core; and your arms and shoulders are in constant motion pushing the weight of water in all different directions. If that's not total body conditioning, I don't know what is!
So, pack up the hubby and the kids... and even the dog, and head out to the riverside, the beachside, or even the parkside to get in a great workout with a ton of fun!!!

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