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Fruits and Veggies on a Budget

Every Ultimate Fit Mom knows that getting valuable fruit and veggie servings every day is important for everyone in her family. I was in the produce section of Publix over the weekend scouting prices, and a woman next to me made the comment, "Produce is so expensive! It's a wonder people even eat it anymore!" I completely agree, and it brings me to this very important topic: Should we be sacrificing our health and the health of our families to avoid paying the high pricetag of fruits and vegetables? The answer is, obviously, "no", but how can we provide sound nutrition on a budget?
Here's my suggestion to anyone and everyone out there looking for exceptional produce on a shoestring budget: visit the produce stand!
Here, in Jensen Beach, we are absolutely blessed with Barbour's produce on Indian River Drive. Not only is the variety and supply of amazing fruit and vegetables available there, you would not believe the price! If you compare the same amount of apples, peaches, pears, asparagus, broccoli, and especially bell peppers!, you'll never again buy produce from a grocery store! In addition to amazing prices that make it possible to have cut up fruit in your fridge for anytime snacking and veggies on your plates at every dinnertime meal, if you have any complaints about anything you purchase at this location, they'll exchange your fruit free of charge!
So, if you've been fighting off that urge to make that delicious stuffed red bell pepper recipe because of the $4/ pound price at Publix, head to your local produce stand to get great quality peppers (and so much more) for so much less!

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