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An Ultimate Fit Mom is a woman who is dedicated! Dedicated to yourself, your family, your work, and your life, any woman can achieve success in every area of her life. With the right advice, encouragement, and support, you can become a healthier, stronger, even more beautiful woman who is able to be better in every area of your life because you feel better about yourself! There are no programs to buy here, no fees or memberships, no commitments of any kind...other than the ones you make to yourself! Start finding out the information you want and need in order to be the best you, and start transforming your health and your life to make your life as an Ultimate Fit Mom more amazing than you ever dreamed possible!

I'm a mom of three who knows how challenging it can be to focus on yourself when you have relationships, children, work, and daily life requiring your attention at all times. The small improvements I've made paid off, and those improvements made me a better wife and mom, a more focused business owner, and a happier, more positive person. As a Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and author of fifteen health books, I want to provide you with the most up-to-date research, exercises, and nutrition information that will help you improve your health, your body, and your life simply and easily. I've experienced how much a healthy lifestyle can improve every area of your life, and I want to share that experience with you, show you how easy it can be, and provide you with the information, advice, and tips you'll need to achieve the same!

I am always eager to hear questions and comments from my readers, and will always answer, so please feel free to contact me with any feedback!

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One Step At A Time

Of all of the questions an complaints I receive about living healthier, the most common one is "I want to get healthier, but I don't know where to start." If you feel this way, you certainly are not alone. It's so easy to fall into a funk, find yourself feeling unhealthy and overwhelmed, and want to get into a better routine but not even know where or how to begin.
The key that helps almost everyone I've known is to take things one day at a time and implement healthy habits one step at a time. Of the following list, you can choose just one new healthy habit, figure out how to add it to your daily routine, and make it stick...then, move on to another, and another, and another. Committing to one thing at a time takes the overwhelming aspect out, allows you to feel success with each achievement, and will set you into a positive cycle that can only gain momentum with new and exciting feel-good, healthy habits on the horizon! :)

Your healthy habit list:
Better sleep: wake up earlier and fall asleep earlier
Eat more vegetables
Eat more fruit
Cut out processed foods
Start a cardio routine
Start a strength training routine
Cook at home more often (until ideally cooking at home every night)
Limit sodium
Limit sugar

While this list is certainly not an exhaustive one, it can help to start with any of these.
And, try to remember that goals are always a great thing, so don't be afraid to set some, strive for them, and complete them! Success is an amazing motivator,...and nothing feels better than success! :)

The Secret to Sanity!! Focus On You and Have It All, Too!

Wow!!! Between the start of school, getting prepped for birthdays and the upcoming holidays (eek!...yes, the arrival of pumpkin spiced everything is not just a fabulous coincidence!), and managing the everyday to-do's of normal life, you can quickly find yourself out of your routine and out of your mind. Don't fret, though. I have just realized the secret to sanity, and I'm sharing it with you today!!
Organization is great, lists are extremely helpful, prioritizing is a must, but nothing can compare to putting yourself first. I know this sounds crazy and selfish, and seemingly impossible, but I'm not advising you to push everything else in life to the wayside, leave dishes and laundry to the wayside, and completely check out and check in to a spa (ah, but doesn't that sound nice?) No, I'm saying start a list that's completely separate of your to-do's that's entitled "This Is What I Need Daily To Feel Great!". It sounds hokey, but I tried and it works!
On my list, which was far shorter and simpler than I had originally thought it would be, I had four simple items: 1) some form of cardio, 2) a shower by myself (or just without kids ;), 3) twenty minutes of uninterrupted workout time, and 4) something small to have done that would make me feel like a great mom, a great wife, and that my house was in order...okay the last one is really three things, but I digress.
I made this list exactly one week ago, and it has simplified my days, made me feel more accomplished every day, and I truly feel like I have everything in place and in order at the end of the day.
Simplicity! Sanity, found!
If you can do one thing for yourself today, please try this one tip: take a few minutes, even throughout the day, to come up with four things that would make you feel good about yourself. Four! It makes things seem manageable, doable, and you really do end up with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction at the end of the day...and isn't that all we're really striving for? :)
Best of luck! :)

Are Your Social Relationships Harmful to Your Health?!

We all have that friend who brings us down a little bit.  Maybe she's a little passive aggressive, does or says things that hurt your feelings, or doesn't support you when you really need the support of a friend. You're "friends", though, because you work together, grew up together, or have social ties that make the relationship hard to break. A recent study has shed light (blinding light!) into some major reasons why that toxic relationship may be more than just can be downright harmful to your health!
A Harvard study just released new findings that state that people in unsupportive social relationships "tend to consume more alcohol, eat foods higher in fat, and get less exercise than their  social peers in positive, supportive relationships." While the study was intended to focus on those who are lonely, the statistics started to take researchers on a different into the effects of a negative social relationship instead of the lack of social relationships.
While most women have endured the experience of dealing with their female peers who don't always follow "the golden rule", many never imagined the profound impact these particular relationships can have on your health, not just self-esteem.
The bottom line is this: life is too short to surround yourself with negative people, people who don't support you when you need it, or people who create feelings that can stand in the way between you and success. Focus your friendships on people who make you feel good, people who share your interests, and women you feel comfortable sharing your ideas, hopes, and goals with! Now that these new studies show the impact of positive social relationships on our health, you have even more reason to focus your time and energy on those who make your life better!!... Because now you know (for a fact!) that they actually do!

"Nothing Worth Having Is Ever Easy to Attain"

I heard this quote the other day, and to say it stuck with me would be an understatement. How true is this: "Nothing worth having is ever easy to attain." Pretty deep, yet, it applies to even the simplest aspects of our lives! Everything in life has its up's and down's, but the true test we face every day is a simple question we have to answer time and time again, "How bad do you really want this?"
If you think about the things like your new diet, your new exercise routine, your goal to have certain numbers (of whichever kind) written on your chart at your next physical exam, or the cute little dress you'll do anything to fit into, all of these things are challenges. That's it! Asking yourself the quick and simple question, "How bad do I want to _____?" can help you find the determination and drive you need over and over again... until you finally achieve that goal!
With determination and perseverance, nothing is impossible and everything is possible!
There will always be the unexpected setbacks that pop up at the worst possible time, but change your mindset and consider those "setbacks" new tests set in place to make you want your goal that much more, try that much harder to achieve it, and appreciate it that much more once its yours!!! 
So, the next time you dread getting on the scale, lacing up your running shoes, or reaching for your all-fruit smoothie instead of a danish, keep in mind that all of your hard work will pay off...and how sweet it will be when it does!!!