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Staying Focused, Fit, and Healthy Through Any Holiday

As I prepare the upcoming blog posts for the debut of the "new and improved" UltimateFitMom site (so excited!), I felt this holiday weekend was a perfect opportunity to suggest a simple trio of tried-and-true tricks you can use to stay focused, fit, and healthy through the holiday. Even if you feel you have no time, may not be in charge of the menu design or food prep, and don't want to seem picky or fitness-obsessed by your fitness-challenged peers, these three tips can be used by anyone in any holiday situation (regardless of how many kiddos, deadlines, or holiday stops you have this wonderful weekend)!

Tip #1: Don't skip your workouts! (And, up the intensity and the duration)
If your upcoming weekend or holiday vacation is sure to be packed with tempting, less-than-clean foods that normally don't grace your plate, have no fear! You already know the idea of the "cheat meal", and that it actually helps to improve your metabolic functioning by feeding your body added fuel in one sitting, so use your holiday meal as the perfect "cheat meal" that actually supports and fuels your fitness goals! Taking care to adhere to your normal runs, walks, swims, or bikerides, while staying on track with your strength training routine (a must! always!), you can find peace in knowing that your unexpected indulgence in Aunt Mary's delectable dessert or Uncle Rick's holiday buffet of all things tasty won't leave you in a crunch that takes a week to bounce back from.

Tip #2: Know What To Avoid
It actually surprised a lot of clients of mine to learn that prime rib is one of the leaner meats that can pack a ton of protein, too. One of the most popular dishes prepared for the holidays is prime rib, and (when the fat is discarded), this tasty temptation can be the star to a seriously sensational low-calorie plate. Adding green beans tossed with olive oil or salad, and either rice, baked potato (not loaded, obviously), or carrots, the typical holiday meal can be light and fit, but still holiday-worthy. Try to skip fatty meats, sugary treats, or side dishes that load up the fat with unhealthy ingredients like lots of butter, tons of cream, excessive sodium, or refined ingredients. If you can keep your portions in check, vary the colors to optimize nutrients, and minimize the unhealthy options, you're golden!

Tip #3: Don't Overdo
This little life mantra is applicable to just about every imaginable situation, but when it comes to the holidays, its a pretty perfect tip. Whether you want to talk sugary desserts, second (or third!) servings, starchy carbs, refined foods, or alcohol, the best bet: "don't overdo!";  just keep all things in moderation. Even on the other end of the spectrum, moderation is key: don't over-restrict, deny yourself tasty foods altogether, or make yourself crazy trying to create a holiday calorie deficit through excessive workouts. A one-day skip of your normal routine won't derail your efforts, so just keep things simple and enjoy your day off with family and friends on your holiday!

Wishing every Ultimate Fit Mom Happy Holidays!